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Playstation 3 Repairs

  • Is your ps3 gaming console acting weird, and just not working the way itís supposed to?
  • Is the portable handheld console no longer working?
  • Is your ps3 no longer reading the disks that you insert?
  • If so youíve probably screamed, cursed and even yelled, ďByte Me!Ē
  • Think Byte Me Computer Services, think one word, TRUST.
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Technical expertise is what you need in computing and ps3 repair. Letís face it, if you have a tooth ache you donít go to a mechanic to get it fixed. So when you need ps3 repairs go to our trained professional technicians at Byte Me, get the problem fixed, and get back to gaming with the confidence of knowing your ps3 repairs are carried out by the leading experts in south east Queensland and the scenic rim, for seven years.

Reliability is hard to come by these days, with everyone wanting to take your hard earned cash and doing quick-fix ps3 repairs that last days, weeks, or if youíre lucky, a few months. Well not at Byte Me Computer Services, because we source only the most reliable replacement technologies for your ps3 repair. You can not only rely on quality parts, but also the integrity of the staff at Byte Me for all your ps3 repairs. We take great pride in resurrecting the most problematic ps3 consoles that people would just leave to gather dust, because they thought all hope was lost in finding a reliable technician who specialises in ps3 repairs.

Unbelievable pricing in ps3 repairs is what Byte Me computer service is famous for. We may have fun with our name sometimes, but you can be assured we will never bite you when it comes to price for your ps3 repair. Whether itís a laptop computer, desktop computer or ps3 repairs, our pricing aims to get you back to business for the least amount of pain to your pocket. We have carved out a reputation throughout south east Queensland for ps3 repair, and are proud to be an Australian owned service that charges a fair dinkum price for hard working Aussies to accommodate all their computing and ps3 repairs.

Service which is second to none is the footing of our reputation, and when you need a ps3 repair completed fast for that upcoming gaming night, weíre there working with you. Ps3 repair may be avoided as consoles demand some amount of regular general maintenance and servicing, or the quick and easy installation of new parts by professionals to ensure the quick and smooth loading of all your favourite ps3 games, thus avoiding ps3 repair. So whether you need ps3 repairs or regular servicing, Byte Me provide the service which is right for you.

Timely turnaround is something we pride ourselves on because we understand your computer or ps3 repairs mean precious time lost for you. Because we specialise in ps3 repair we store most of the technical components needed to get you back to gaming quickly. Itís as easy as filling in your details for your ps3 repair, and our staff will be contacting you in no time to give you an idea of how long they believe your ps3 repair will take. Our team will work to meet your tightest deadline in ensuring the fastest ps3 repair.

Ps3 repair Services

  • Ps3 repair of consoles which donít play games, music, DVDís, or CDís.
  • Diagnosis and ps3 repair of screen display with no power, and no lights.
  • Ps3 repair and maintenance of non-0functioning hand controllers.
  • Diagnosis and ps3 repairs of noisy gaming consoles.
  • Permanent YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) ps3 repairs.
  • Ps3 repair of jammed disk trays.
  • Ps3 repair, diagnosis and maintenance, and saving of slow loading games.
  • Diagnosis and Ps3 repair of games which freeze.
  • Diagnosis and ps3 repair of Hardware, and hard-drive faults.

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