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Gaming Console Repairs

These days it's an unfortunate truth that eventually almost everything will breakdown, even us.

We can fix your Game Console, whether it's an XBOX360, Playstation 3 or a Wii, in a timely manner. Once we have repaired your Console, we like to test it for a while just to determine that the repair has been effective and you will be satisfied with our work. We are currently the preferred repairer for several of Australia's Largest Extended Warranty Companies, shipping Consoles in Nation-wide.


Playstation 3

Our Playstation repairs are fast and reliable, with a 30 day warranty on Re-flows and 3 Month warranty on all Lasers. Our priority when repairing Playstations is to make sure you get all of your data back so you don't lose any game saves or downloads. Sometimes, especially if there is signs of corrupiton or total Hard Drive failure this is impossible and we will let you know before commencing.


XBOX 360

The most common cause of XBOX failure is the RROD (Red Ring Of Death), indicated by three red lights around your power button. Other problems encountered with these Consoles are mainly to do with Lasers. We can repair these problems and others promptly.



The most common repairs done to Wii's are lasers. Our turn around times on these are exceptionally prompt, as we have replacements constantly in stock, ready to resort to.


Why use Byte Me to repair your Console?

Firstly, we offer a 30 Day Warranty on all Re-Flow repairs and longer for most parts that we supply. Secondly, we make every effort possible to return your console with your data, not a refurb machine. This means you don't have to worry about having to reload and replay the games that you have spent so long acquiring and saving. We can also repair Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and PSP Handheld Systems.




Gaming Console Enquiries

Please contact us regarding Console Repairs.



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